Higher Throughput & Margins
Configured Quickly, Easily, Successfully with a Flexible Platform
nvidia “After 6 years of usage by 15+ global planners, SumOpti's key value items are:
  • Super fast response to what-if scenarios
  • Schedule/reschedule in real time
  • Not required to manage multiple spreadsheets for the allocation changes for demand-supply matching
  • Minimal effort for new part number(s) set up for allocation
  • Standard template in SumOpti helps to have a quick learning curve when planners move among different segments in the same role
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems.”

Business Operations Manager


“At NetApp, we brought in an outside company, SumOpti, to help Planning develop a tool to prioritize orders to maximize revenue. It would replace spreadsheets. It was very challenging but we worked with SumOpti to initiate a tool that could use dynamic variables to establish priorities for our contract manufacturer.

It is very flexible and, more importantly, very fast. Without impacting our ERP, we were able to run hourly reports at quarter end to quickly and accurately communicate priorities for production.

After five years of usage, this tool is still an integral part of Planning's process. During the development, SumOpti  was concerned with every detail of our process, and delivered the tool on time. They helped us with solution design by focusing on the process and what we wanted from the tool. The end result was a significant increase in shipments and an elimination of confusion over priorities.

Since then, SumOpti has developed a powerful "what-if" scenario modeler that evaluates dependencies, identifies constrained supply, and measures impact on quarter-end revenue and delivery. It also provides a variety of executive reports.

SumOpti has become a trusted partner. I recommend SumOpti's products highly.”
Director, Manufacturing Planning Operations


"Engaged with SumOpti to prepare a model for decision support analytics. SumOpti was very easy to configure and with just one click, we were able to pull data from existing systems and evaluate the budget cut-line. They were also highly responsive."
VP Finance


"I was tasked with developing a production scheduling model that would satisfy customer demands and optimize revenue recognitions for selected time periods and also determine the cost of a priority change of a scheduled demand order. SumOpti configured their software quickly for our application. Requested changes were literally completed overnight."
Backlog Planning Manager


“We used SumOpti to introduce a decision framework to align with business unit strategy. With SumOpti, we were able to run optimization scenarios with various constraints along with multiple objectives and able to assess impact on schedule/financials and recommended decisions that maximized the value for the business unit.

SumOpti configured the application based on our requests and delivered them on time. They were collaborative in the approach and provided valuable inputs based on their experience with similar companies in the semiconductor industry.”
Finance Controller


“SumOpti brings game changing ideas and is eager to build new solutions to visionary ideas. Regarding software, they deliver what they promise such as the user friendly Custom SaaS model. They are truly a trusted partner!”
VP Operations

“We evaluated SumOpti and found it very useful for resource optimization across projects in the portfolio with powerful what-If scenarios. This gives a dashboard progress view that includes assigned effort/schedule to projects and avoids over allocating resources. It optimizes resources on what-if scenarios for within and outside projects. The SumOpti platform is very effective at its core competency of high-level resource planning. Executive level decision making is easier through the 'budgetary view'.”
Senior Director, R&D Programs