Higher Throughput & Margins
Fast Time-to-Adoption, Immediate and Significant Impact
netapp juniper
sandisk alcatel
fusionio sTec
nvidia marvell
ocz smart
Throughput Boost &
Resource Optimization
Delivery Dates = Up 25%+
Work smarter; frees up staff time spent on interactions
– resolve shortages, expedites
– value impact analysis of resources
– dynamic pull-ins, push-outs
Margin Optimization Portfolio Value = Up 20%+
Faster delivery/reduced FTE
– multi-project dependencies
– align resources to project needs
– optimizes $/FTE allocation
Revenue Optimization &
Higher Productivity
60 min in 6 min = Up 90%+
Change priority criteria on-the-fly
– apply pull-ins, push-outs
– demand prioritization
– allocation management